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4 Key Things to Know About Your Customers

For your marketing communications to successfully translate into sales, these are the 4 key things you need to know about your customer:

1. Who they are: if you don’t know who your customers are in terms of their age, demographics, interests, income level, occupation etc, how can you target them accurately when marketing?

2. Why they buy: the quest for pleasure, the prestige of status, the yearning to learn, the attractiveness of an investment, the desire for new experiences etc. can all motive customers to make a purchase. When you know what motivates a customer’s buying decision, you’ll be able to craft your marketing communications in a way that stimulates a connection and triggers an emotional response in your customer, translating your marketing communications into sales.

3. How they buy: Some customers prefer buying online while some customers prefer in-person transactions. Some customers would rather pay cash, while others feel very comfortable using their card. By knowing how your customers buy, you will be able to make options available to them that will meet their needs.

4. When they buy: Some customers prefers to buy on the weekends, and some customers prefer to buy during holidays. Some customers prefer to buy during business hours, while others prefer to buy in the evening after work. By knowing when your customers buy, you will be able to strategically position your marketing communications and increase them at certain periods as applicable in order to accurately target your audience and make a sale.

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