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Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Did you know that it's up to ten times more expensive to try to attract new customers, than it is to keep the ones already doing business with you?⁣

*Enter stage left* ... "Customer Loyalty".⁣

Keeping customers coming back for more is critical to the success of your business. Simply put, without happy customers that continue to buy from you, your business will not survive.⁣

So, how do you create and keep up customer loyalty? Look no further than these essential strategies:⁣

• Set Up Ways to Frequently Communicate With Your Customers:⁣

Do you know your customers birthday? Do you send them monthly newsletters? If you aren't already, consider taking the time to set up a database with their contact information (email addresses, mailing addresses, or phone numbers etc).⁣

• Provide Extra Perks for Your Most Loyal Customers:⁣

One of the best (and frankly one of the cheapest) ways to increase customer loyalty is by giving extra "perks" to your most consistent customers. Whether it's an exclusive deal or free delivery, your customers would love to get a little something extra.⁣

By setting up a reward system for your most loyal, you not only encourage them to stick around, but you also give a reason to your other customers to strive to reach that status.⁣


In order to attract customers, and keep them coming back, you'll need to invest in building your customer loyalty. By meeting and exceeding their expectations consistently, you'll start to develop a long term relationship with them.⁣


How has YOUR business worked to create real brand loyalty? Let us know in the comments!

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