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Positioning Statement Vs. Value Proposition

Do you know the difference between a "positioning statement" and a "value proposition"? They're often used interchangeably, but they mean very different things.⁣

A value proposition describes the overarching promise of your product or service to the marketplace by answering the following questions:⁣

• What need do you fill in the marketplace?⁣

• What’s the advantage over similar products/offerings in the marketplace?⁣

A value proposition reflects your brand promise and clearly articulates the reason and benefits "prospects" should engage with your business.⁣


A position statement is simply a subset of this (value proposition). Unlike the value proposition, a position statement is targeted to a highly specific segment or persona (target audience).⁣

In other words, it is tailored to the unique needs of a single persona, while demonstrating empathy and understanding of the individual.⁣

Furthermore, your position statement helps your target audience understand why your products are best suited for their needs over other options.⁣


The value proposition and positioning statement are both key elements in a business' marketing strategy, but keep in mind that they're distinct differences between the two.⁣


As always, if you need help determining either, contact us today, our team is here for you!

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