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What is Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the act of choosing a businesses products/services "consistently" over their competitors.⁣

It is the direct result of a business continually meeting and exceeding their customer expectations.⁣

... But how do you measure "customer loyalty"?⁣

Easy! By the level of commitment.⁣

There are six stages of commitment and each stage increases in the amount of loyalty your customer will show:⁣

1) Awareness:⁣

Your customer becomes aware of your business and what you offer.⁣

2) Research:⁣

Your customer is considering purchasing from you and has visited your website, downloaded resources, etc.⁣

3) Buy:⁣

Your customer has bought your product or service.⁣

4) Use:⁣

Your customer uses your service/product that they purchased.⁣

5) Repeat:⁣

Your customer purchases from your business again.⁣

6) Refer:⁣

Your customer refers their friends or/and family members to your business.⁣


The goal of your business should be to move your customers from stage one (awareness) all the way through to stage six (repeat buyer and referrer).⁣


Are you struggling to move your customers from one commitment stage to another? If so, fill our consultation form today, so we can learn more about your business and help out.

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