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What Makes Your Business Unique?

Why should customers do business with you instead of your competitors? What can your product or service do for your customers that your competitors can’t?⁣

The answer to these questions will help uncover your business's "unique selling proposition (USP)".⁣

Your unique selling proposition is what makes your business different from everyone else in your market. Businesses that have one stand for something specific, instead of attempting to be known for everything.⁣

You might ask "how do I find my business's USP?"⁣

One major way to discover your business's USP is to define your ideal customer.⁣

What does your "perfect" customer really want? How can your product or service solve their problem(s)? What factors motivate their buying decisions? Why do your existing customers choose your business over your competitors?⁣

When you’re identifying your ideal prospect, consider the answer to these questions. You need to know exactly who you want to sell to and why.⁣

Remember, consumers don’t want to buy products ... they want to solve their problems. Examine the profile of your "perfect" customer and then market your products in a way that shows them you can meet their needs and solve their problems.⁣

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